Pickle Fest: October 9


Our New Editor Emeritus


How True Joined The Hunt to Find Genghis Khan’s Missing Tomb

“He was a master of deception, even in death.”

Six Lessons I’ve Learned, By Freddie Roach

“I didn’t want to be like him, but maybe I’m lying. Maybe I did.”

From Harvard and Bobsleds to Racing Stardom

“It's not how fast the horse goes — it's how the horse goes fast.”

How To Make Bradycakes

“I take five eggs. I beat 'em real good, until they're bubbly.”

On Sacrifice In Toreo

“What greater glory is there for the family but to offer up their son as hero. And victim.”

The Captain and the General

“When you sail there, everyone knows that you earned it.”

Vinny's Magical Boatmobile

“In the shipwrecked stories, the characters always find a beautiful thing in an unlikely place.”

How To Run On The Horns In Pamplona

“I feel an aura around me. I feel like I am part of the herd.”

Almanac: Home Brewing


How You Write a Great Love Letter

“You are the only person I can talk with about the shade of a cloud, about the song of a thought...”

First True Annual Review

“It was a very good year.”

The Wisdom of Tom Brady, Shadow Lion

“You have these different parts of your being and everything needs to head in the right direction.”

Almanac: The Tennis Mind


My Pockmarked, Basement-Born, Heirloom Apple Time Machine

“You don't want to tell a cider what to do.”

The 'True' Pipe

“You’re not just selling pieces of wood with holes in them.”

Almanac: Boat Building


Ten Ways To Destroy Your Friends at Backgammon

“Never take the dice personally.”

Part 1, The Wiz and the Dream

“In this game you pick more losers than winners, but you hope the winners count.”

Kentucky Derby Betting 101

“It’s just such a fun puzzle to try to piece together a race.”