The Noble Pursuit


In the late 1930’s, an old police reporter and Army captain founded True: The Man’s Magazine, an old pulp where legends like Ernest Hemingway and Winston Churchill and others wrote about exotic topics like studying at snake charming schools, smoking meat underground and hunting for buried jungle treasure.

We’ve revived that spirit to form True.Ink, a different kind of magazine. We celebrate The Noble Pursuit, a mix of adventure, expertise, and time well spent. The passport to our world is a True LUCKY PIECE, and the skeleton key to a life of adventure, righteous living and ballyhoo.

Already, we’ve raced General George Patton’s historic wooden schooner into the harbors of Havana; plotted our path across the Mongolian border to hunt for Genghis Khan’s hidden tomb; planned the opening of True Stables, home of our collective thoroughbred racehorse; scored the exclusive recipe from Tom Brady on his secret pancake recipe; learned the widsom of boxing’s legendary trainer Freddy Roach; uncovered the archives of John F. Kennedy’s great love (accused of being a Nazi spy); prepared the definitive guide on writing love letters; a dossier for us all to investigate a murder; and planned a barndance.

Use [email protected] to drop us a line whenever (media, email here). To accept the first True Challenge and apply for a LUCKY PIECE, enter your contact information below.


Well Played