Raul Garcia, Cliff Diver

“I rule the sea, not the other way around.”

Dana Kunze, High Diver

“The impact, you know it’s coming.”

Galo Hernandez, Temazcalero

“Don't fight the heat—the heat is the medicine.”


“Molé is not only a sauce. It's a rite.”

Roger Federer, Tennis Player

“Once you find that place, you start playing your best.”

Jeffrey Seder, Equine Analyst

“It's not how fast the horse goes — it's how the horse goes fast.”

Vincent Longo, Piano Repairman

“In the shipwrecked stories, the characters always find a beautiful thing in an unlikely place.”

Tom Brady, Quarterback

“You have these different parts of your being and everything needs to head in the right direction.”

Sean Morris, Handicapper

“It’s just such a fun puzzle to try to piece together a race.”

Seth Salzmann, Captain of the When and If

“When you sail there, everyone knows that you earned it.”

Joe Distler, Veteran Bull Runner

“I feel an aura around me. I feel like I am part of the herd.”

Freddie Roach, Boxing Trainer

“I didn’t want to be like him, but maybe I’m lying. Maybe I did.”

Nick Schade, Boat Builder

“She is lovely, she is light. She waltzes on the waves by day, and rests with me at night.”

Andy Brennan, Cidermaker

“You don't want to tell a cider what to do.”

Jared Coles, Pipemaker

“You’re not just selling pieces of wood with holes in them.”

Ross Gordon, Backgammon Instructor

“Never take the dice personally.”

Dr. James Loehr, Psychologist

“You can do more than just turn your back on an error.”

Nonoy Neri, Chef

“You’re literally making a soup out of bones. No premium cuts of meat here.”

Dr. Allen Josephs, Professor of Literature and Spanish Studies

“What greater glory is there for the family but to offer up their son as hero. And victim.”

James Freeman, Coffee Roaster

“The oven is a blunt instrument for roasting coffee. It’s not for everybody.”

Jeff Tarango, Tennis Coach

“To me, there's four parts of the brain, and you have to train all of them.”

Jeff Walker, Dance Caller

“You can dance the whole night.”

Gabriela del Chapultepec, Pitmaster

“There’s deep beauty in the ritual, in the teamwork, and in the richness of the tradition.”

Mary Izett, Brewmaster

“Durian is so creamy and custardy, it’s like a flan with fruit on top.”

Josh Saul, Fisherman

“The way the muscles of a king salmon flake off the bone is a beautiful thing.”

Chris Robinson, Ark Builder

“My start-up was failing, and when so many creations went forgotten, this was my remedy.”

Nisse Lovendahl, Marshmallow Maker

“Marshmallows have a bad reputation.”

Roy Schreyer, Houseboat Designer

“The big decision you need to make in building your own house boat is what kind of hull you want.”

Manuel Marcial de Gomar, Emerald Hunter

“That emerald should reach in and rip your heart out in your desire to possess it.”

Ron Tackmann, Escape Artist

“You can travel anywhere with the mind.”

Daniel Binelli, Composer

“You're giving your soul.”

Flip Holsinger, Photographer

“In the slums, there are no costumes depicting fake demons. Here the demons are real.”

Donald Murray, Herring Scholar

“It was the herring that was marked far more than the land.”