Lucky Piece

The True Lucky Piece is your passport to our world, and the skeleton key to a lifetime of adventure, righteous living, and ballyhoo. Here is where your Lucky Piece can take you: racing under a starry night into the harbor of Havana on General Patton’s old schooner; across the border of Mongolia on the hunt to uncover Genghis Khan’s missing tomb; into the mountains of Chechnya with the last bands of nomadic sheperds; or onto the beaches and into our partner sherry bodega in the south of Spain. Your Lucky Piece will also give you access to confidential police files, coroner’s reports and other documents as you help us with a few unsolved cases in the Midwest or search for lost treasure in Ecuador. You will also learn how to dance the tango, roast a goat with the Pizza Nazi, feed our racehorse over at True Stables, and raise a flask of moonshine from our own in-house bootlegger.


Lucky Pieces are not available for direct purchase. If you would like to receive a Lucky Piece, enter your e-mail and we’ll send you your first True Challenge.


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