People's Horse

Briefing #3: The Perfect Stallion

“Onward they plunge; onward without pause!”

Briefing #2: Into The Bluegrass

“Nobody Ever Committed Suicide With An Un-raced Two-Year Old In Their Barn.”

Briefing #1: The Search Begins

“It’s like I’m driving a Mack truck with the speed of a Porsche and the brain of a rocket scientist.”

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Origins: Wiz & The Dream

“In this game you pick more losers than winners, but you hope the winners count.”

Video: How I Became a Handicapper


Part 2, Chasing the People’s Horse

“Miracles happen here all the time.”

Part 3, Hoofprints in the Snow

“Don’t worry, there’s plenty of horses out there.”

Video: When Horses Become Miracles


Jeffrey Seder, Equine Analyst

“It's not how fast the horse goes — it's how the horse goes fast.”

True Stables FAQ

“So, what's this all about?”