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Mr. Acapulco

In Brief:

At age 7, Raul Garcia learned to dive La Quemada, Acapulco’s famed cliff. After making 37,000 jumps, he reflects on the secrets of the perilous dive in this short documentary below.

A True salute to Rudy Fregoso of Acapulco for posting this short doc here featuring gran maestro Garcia, the text of which we have excerpted below.

Diving is like kissing a girl for the first time.

It is very exciting, flying along with your arms open. And when you hit the water, she embraces you.

For myself and many others, the sea represents life. In order to do the dive, what you need is to have the guts. It’s not something you can copy or learn from someone else. It’s about having the courage to challenge yourself.

I started diving with a group of friends.We’d dare each other to go higher, so we could earn a tip from the people watching below.

I had to know what it was like from the top. No one believed I could do it. The climate has never stopped me. The weather doesn’t bother me. Hurricanes, rainstorms, thunder, earthquakes…They are all the same to me.

I rule the sea, not the other way around.