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How To Make Bradycakes

In Brief:

Perfecting another drive into the Super Bowl, the Patriots’ quarterback reveals the secret ingredients of his perfect dish: pancakes.

The secret to making perfect pancakes is a rich batter and a skillet hot enough to cook the batter evenly without burning.

Tom Brady, the New England Patriots’ All-Pro quarterback, claims that he’s crafted a superior batter that is filled with flavor and also strength-inducing.

“I don’t like the pancakes too hot,” Brady told me last year. Too much heat creates an uneven, premature crust. Too much heat can also gunks up his skillet with batter.

“I don’t like any pancakes sticking to the surface,” he said.

For the batter, Brady uses a melange of unorthodox ingredients—almond oil and protein powder among them.

“That’s just pure happiness in the house,” he said. “That’s my contribution.” Supermodel Giselle Bundchen, Brady’s wife, has vouched for the quality of his cakes. Recently, she called her husband “a pancake master.”

Despite the nutrient-rich additives to his oatmeal-based mix, Brady describes his approach to pancake making as “very classic.” His preferred topping: “Maple syrup for me. There’s honey—honey’s an option. One of my sons just likes butter. No syrup, which I can’t understand. When I was a kid, it was as much syrup as I could sneak onto my plate before my mom could catch me.”