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King Salmon Fillet Knife

In Brief:

After spending his childhood hacking away at fresh catch, John Filippi of central Minnesota has perfected his own handcrafted line of efficient, durable fillet knives.

I hated cleaning fish as a kid.

Me and my brothers would go out with our dad, and when we got home, we’d have to spend hours filleting up the Crappies, Wall-eyes or Pike we picked up. The easiest way to spend a lot of time cleaning fish is a knife that isn’t sharp, and cleaning was part of our chores. The brother who got the best knife was able to finish the fastest.

That’s why I started making these knives. It’s a hobby, really. I wanted a really sharp knife, so I didn’t have to waste any more time cleaning.

We use a strong steel. Heavy duty stuff, double edge, and it’s up there on the Rockwell charts. We make the handles from maple, oak, some other local woods, five ton epoxy and a few other things to make these knives. They will last forever.

The King Salmon knife is a big knife for big fish. It’s designed for salmon, but you can use it for any big fish. I sell it for $119. I also make custom leather sheaths for each of the knives, and we do custom engraving on the sheaths. Want your name on it? No problem.


The larger the fish, the more knife work there is to do. In this instructional, learn how to gut a King Salmon.