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True Finland

In Brief:

The Northern Lights are among nature’s greatest miracles and mysteries. Join cinematographer and True Lucky Piece Holder Brennan Anderson (and wonder wingwoman Meghan, wearing our magic hats) on a True Expedition into Arctic Circle to see the Aurora Borealis, ride a reindeer sled, test out the real Finnish saunas, drink pine tar booze, and report on the experience for us. Dates: March 15th-20th, 2017. APPLY HERE.


I’ve always had a fascination with the Northern Lights, and I’m not sure why.

I suppose that way back in my family we have some roots in Scandinavia, but really I think it’s the bareness of the place. Instead of sitting in traffic, I’d love to find my way to a part of the world that is known for how little there is there. The Lapplands in Finland, from all I’ve read, are about as empty a place as you can find. Untouched, really. I imagine there’s a lot of peace (and perhaps even a bit of chaos) in all that tranquility.

We’re about to find out!

I’ve never been to the Arctic Circle and can’t wait until we land in Helsinki.

Finland is about as far away for me as you can imagine. I’m a videographer and film editor based in Sarasota, Florida, a True Lucky Piece holder in good standing, and will be bringing along with me: some camera gear, and my girlfriend, Meghan.

This will be our first time leading a trip, and we’re looking to take a travel-friendly group, preferably couples, or pairs of friends (easier to book hotels that way), but singles are welcome, into the Arctic Circle to see the Northern Lights before the end of the year (March 15-24th.) This should be a very laid back trip, with as much free time as you want over a long weekend. We are looking to share the experience as best we can, which means we want we want you to be an active part of it and not just hang out in the Finnish sauna all day. If you’re up for snowshoing under a starry sky and up to try reindeer pizza, you’ve found the right place.

We’re going to start with a welcome shot of Terva Snapsi, the Finnish spirit made from Pine Tar.

You can meet us in Ivalo, the Finnish spirit made of pine tar, at Pub.Fi, the only bar in Ivalo, the most northern airport in Finland. (Connecting flights run from the Helsinki airport.) From there, we’ll venture off into the Lapplands in search of the Northern Lights, spending the weekend in cabin-esque lodge and our headquarters for the weekend. I’ve been able to connect with some experienced Northern Lights hunters (they are not always visible) and we’ll be positioning ourselves—on snowmobile or sled—to see them.

We plan on capping our final night with a goodbye dinner, and then head towards Helsinki to get a bit lost in that town before heading back to the States. We’ve set up this trip so you can experience a bit of Finland either before or after our experience.

We put together a few questions for folks who may want to come with us. Here is the form, and hope to see you in Ivalo!