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In Brief:

We’re thrilled to announce today that Jonathan Goldsmith, the actor most known for his iconic, award-winning ad role as The Most Interesting Man In The World, will be joining True.Ink’s growing masthead as editor emeritus.

He’ll be creating True Master columns and videos — poetic riffs on how to celebrate life well-lived. We’re pleased to present “Treasure The Dawn,” the first installment of the series.

Goldsmith’s poetry will appear exclusively in True Reports, our version of a newsletter, so be sure to sign up here. You might even win a trip to go fishing for pike with him this fall. He’ll also be cavorting with our True Lucky Piece holders. If you’re interested in getting on that list, drop us a line.

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Lesson One: Treasure The Dawn

By Jonathan Goldsmith


I’ve always considered the dawn a mistress,

The capricious sweet pixie that she is.

Oh yeah, she’s a sneaky one,

Tip-toeing in with her dewy slippers,

Piercing the dark clouds with her howl.

She howled along the Los Angeles river that morning,

Eavesdropping on our Gypsy camp,

Bailed me out in Reno just in time.

Hid me in the Bode winter crunching on show shoes,

Wondering how Rosa got to that ghost town,

Wondering who left her with those scars on her face.

Oh, how she held me.

Dawn, my savior, my sweet sanctuary

Her greatest gift is her silence

You can hear the somersault of first light.

You can hear the screaming echo of time.

Silence shares secrets if you have the courage to listen.

And he who listens earns the right to be heard.

Dawn, my playmate, my sweet accomplice

She always comes back, whether I want her to or not,

Always rescuing me from darkness,

Always delivering the same gift.

The first day of the rest of your life.

Treasure it.

I do.



Now make sure you hear about the next caper.

Goldsmith Ongoing

We’d love to thank an incredible crew that made the arrival of True Mastery happen: Barbara Goldsmith, Marcus Wiley, Richard Abate, the support team at the venerable North of New York, Big Bob, the owners and ghosts of Neshobee Island, our friends around Lake Bomaseen, and the core True firecrackers: Margaret May Binshtok, Jason Schwartzman and Craig Cavallo.